10 Sites to Start You Back to School

In August, I get to start using all of the education I have been accumulating for the last four years.  One aspect I feel was lacking in those years of “higher education” is the first weeks of a new school year in a new school (or in my case a new career.)  I have been doing some research to see what other teachers are saying about this, and I thought I would bring it out and share it with you. So, here you go:

1. The Ultimate Guide to Starting the School Year

This is a great list of things to think about before the first day of school.  This post asks great questions to get you thinking about what you want your classroom to look like and run like.

2. 20+Back to School Teacher Must-Haves

Even though this post is written with elementary in mind, it is chock full of great ideas that will fit into any grade or subject.  Ideas like taking care of yourself first, and making you a priority have no age or time limit.

3. A 4-Part System for Getting to Know Your Students

This is a great overview to get you started on the quest for “first day” ideas.  It is a quick read that gives you the “down and dirty” of making connection with your students.

4. 10 Ways to Get to Know Your Students

Getting to know your students isn’t simply a name on a tag and their file.  This blog gives great ideas on how to get to know your students as people and not just the name at the top of the assignment.

5.  “Icebreaker” activities for high school students

Need a great way to get your class interacting?  This site has a long list of ideas that are both engaging and fun.

6. All About Me Bag

The all about me bag is a way for your students to give you the information they want you to have about themselves while sharing some of their favorite things.

7. Get to Know You Beach Ball

Who doesn’t love to throw a big beach ball around in school?  This is a fun icebreaker that allows you to learn facts about each other.

8. Who’s In YOUR Circles? A Fresh Get to Know You Activity

Here is one great icebreaker to get the ball rolling.

9. The First Day Wiki

This post has several more ideas that could work great in your classroom.

10. Sticky Note Posters

I really like this idea.  Not only can you get to know your students interests, but this activity also gives you the opportunity to get to know their needs as well.  And it is as anonymous as you want it to be.

Give one or all of these a read.  I think these sites are a great way to get you started on your very own research into prepping for the first day of school.

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4 thoughts on “10 Sites to Start You Back to School

  1. Thanks for the complete list with links! I will have to give some of these a try! I wanted to do the beach ball game to get to know each other, but I work in a tiny school where everyone knows each other so I didn’t think it would be very fun for them! I am thinking about the bag though! That could be great since I am still “new.” (This is my second year!)


    1. I am also starting at a tiny school. I was thinking that some of the questions on the beach ball could be “what is one thing that very few people know about you?” “What was the last book you read?” ETC. Discussion starters rather than get to know you questions might work.


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